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GstarCAD Mechanical 2020

Automated and intelligent CAD tools, quicker mechanical designing and drawing!

What is GstarCAD Mechanical?

Covering all fields of mechanical design, GstarCAD Mechanical is professional designing and drawing software specially built for manufacturing. No matter what kind of design task you are facing, GstarCAD Mechanical helps to complete your ideas perfectly.

  • Compatible with ACM
    GstarCAD Mechanical supports bidirectional data exchange of ACM that other CAD doesn't.
    Users can modify ACM data and send them back to ACM. Based on smooth data transfer and high compatibility, mixed-use with ACM become a reality.
  • Reasonable Price
    By keep exploring the balance between practicality, ease-of-use, and compatibility with ACM, GstarCAD Mechanical offers convenient and concise functions at a walt-friendly price.
    Users can complete same design with a more cost-effective solution.
  • Intelligent Design Tools
    More than 100 simple and practical mechanical designing and drawing tools, plus standardized and intelligent design environment to cut down repetitive works and make your design simple.
  • Extensive Library
    GstarCAD Mechanical provides libraries for different standards. Also support all the parts and symbols from CADProfi.
    Meanwhile, users can customize standards, mechanical symbols, dimensions, features, etc. to build own drawing templates, automate common mechanical drawing tasks to fit with your personal working habits.
Flexible Licensing
We provide flexible licensing, you could buy the perpetual license, you are free to choose the license mode and you decide when to upgrade.
  • Perpetual License
  • GstarCAD is available as a "perpetually licensed" product. You own the perpetual right to use the purchased license. It is more convenient than ACAD subscriptions.
  • Flexible Access to Upgrade
  • GstarCAD Licensing Mode is available with both Serial Number and USB Dongle, each could be used for Stand-alone or Network license. You could choose either one based on your business needs.
  • Flexible Access to Upgrade
  • You can upgrade your license for every new version or keep using the same version. When you upgrade your license it keeps perpetual license unchanged.

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